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CYBER-NOVEMBER DEALS Alpha Goggles $20 off PLUS free shipping on orders to US & Canada & $5 flat rate on all international orders $25+


Last of the 2020 Carbon Goggles - v limited quantities - get both red & blue goggles for only ONLY $34.95 (plus FREE shipping).


Switch out one pair for a clear lens and then ride all day in the sun and shade regardless of the changes in the light!!!

Born in Vancouver, BC, we tested our products through polar-opposite weather conditions across an array of riders at different skill levels. With MXF goggles you get optically correct, anti-fog and anti-scratch lenses with UV protection. Our flex-frame design with removable nose guard features triple-layer foam for comfort and sweat control.A wide lens design allows for excellent peripheral vision.


With the Carbon Goggle you get our signature Carbon Fiber design and dual-port ventilation system.


  • 2 x LEXAN Polycarbonate tinted, anti-fog, anti-scratch lens  

  • 2 x Extra LEXAN clear lens (anti-fog, anti-scratch)

  • 2 x Custom MXF goggle storage bag

  • MXF wide, thick, fully adjustable, anti-slip, stacked silicone lined strap

  • Highly flexible frame design with easy, quick lens replacement and cleaning design

  • Available online only

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